State budget allocates capital building funds for The Women & Children’s Free Restaurant
(Spokane, Washington) – July 2, 2015 – The Women & Children’s Free Restaurant (WCFR) & Community Kitchen has been approved for a $300,000 grant towards their capital campaign by the Washington State Department of Commerce Building Community Fund. This takes them to 65% of their final campaign goal to complete the renovations of their current building at their property at 1408 N. Washington.

WCFR’s capital campaign seeks to double the Restaurant’s capacity. The additional support will positively impact additional restaurant guests, as well as WCFR partners with outside agencies through the Nutrition-to-Go program, broadening WCFR’s overall reach in the community.

“This investment in the Spokane community will make a huge impact,” says Executive Director Lisa Diffley. “It brings us closer to a building that will allow us to serve more families who face food insecurity. The need in our community only continues to grow, and this grant will help us meet that need.”

This Building Community Fund awards state grants to nonprofit, community-based organizations to acquire, construct, or rehabilitate nonresidential community service centers. It is financed entirely through the sale of state bonds. These investments help play a key role in improving the economic, social, and educational climate in distressed communities and other areas that serve low-income persons.
Working with legislative champions is a vital part of getting through the grant application process—the combination of a strong plan, proposal, fundraising strategy (plus evidence of having already raised funds), and elected champions helped WCFR bring these resources into Spokane. The Washington State Legislature and the Governor approved the budget.
These funds will help address the problem of food insecurity and the health disparities that food-insecure people experience. “The Women & Children’s Free Restaurant is a deserving recipient of a grant directed at organizations that fill a great need in the community,” says Washington State Representative Marcus Riccelli.
WCFR has served the community for 27 years, providing more than 40,000 meals each year to women and children in the Spokane region. Beyond serving meals and providing a place for other partners serving this population, WCFR hosts Nutrition Essentials classes and provides a variety of resources to families in the community.


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About The Women & Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen

Women & Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen is a vital safety net which fills nutritional gaps for women and children in need while fostering dignity and respect, both within our restaurant and in the community. We have been feeding less fortunate women and children in the Spokane Community for 27 years, offering a nutritious, well-balanced meal. We promote good nutrition and healthy eating habits by subscribing to whole food cooking, preparing meals from scratch, and using many fruits, vegetables and lean meats. For more information about WCFR, visit


About The Building Communities Fund Program

Awardees are selected through a competitive grant application process conducted every two years by the Department of Commerce. Applicant projects must be located in a “distressed community” or serve a substantial number of low-income or disadvantaged persons. For more information about the Building Communities Fund, visit